Whisky River Gun Dogs may welp 2-4 litters of English Springer Spaniel puppies a year that are field trial quality. We breed for trainability, where the dog turns it on in the field and while also being a great companion in the house. You can subscribe for future litter updates, and read more on current litters.


Our Commitment

When you purchase a puppy from us you are taking a member of our family into yours.  We expect that the puppy will be supported with a loving home that will provide appropriate nutrition, training, and health care.  If under any circumstances you find that you cannot provide this atmosphere or keep your Springer Spaniel you contact us immediately, as we will take the puppy back no questions asked.

We are also a recognized American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit. This is acknowledgement verifies our commitment to the quality and health of every dog from any of our litters. You can read more on the requirements for the program here.

Current Litters


The Tulip and Dunkin litter has arrived. There are only two puppies unaccounted for. If you are interested in the litter, contact us soon. She is fast, flashy, has a good nose and is an excellent retriever. She was very easily trained and lives to please.  All around one of the best dogs we’ve had.

Dunkin is very graceful in the field and quarters like a dream. He is very consistent both at hunting and field trials. He seems to be in the third series often, and placing or winning often.

You can read the profile for both Tulip and Dunkin, submit your waiting list interest, and subscribe for future liter updates.


We treat each dog at Whisky River Gun Dogs as a unique individual and develop the dogs training to fit the dog and maximize it’s potential. We offer obedience training for all dogs, but specializes in training flushing and retrieving dogs for upland hunting, hunt tests and AKC field trials. Read more on our training offerings, or contact us to book your sessions today.